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Man facing the camera in a stylish blue suit with a neatly cropped beard Man having his beard trimmed Man dressed in a smart suit with a well groomed afro and beard.

If you have a beard, you'll understand the difference a quality trim can make when it comes to looking smart. Niro Mensroom's barbers are highly experienced in grooming beards, giving you the perfect finish.


As specialists in hair art and patterns, we're more than happy to shape your beard however you like it ensuring your facial hair is stylish and modern.

The closest shave

There's nothing like a traditional, wet, cut throat shave to

give you a silky smooth result. When you come to our

barbers, you can relax knowing that you're being looked

after by experts.

You're in safe hands

- Beard trimming

- Wet shaves

- Prices starting from £5.50

- Specialist barbers

Be proud of your beard

with our grooming


01480 218 761

Keep your beard in fantastic condition

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